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Pamela Bruner An accomplished harpist and vocalist, Pamela shares her arrangements, tips, and insights to play the Celtic harp. Each book clearly and effectively guides you on your musical path whether you are just beginning to learn the harp, wish to sing with the harp, or want to play Pamela's beautiful original melodies. Plus, her genuine warmth and caring as an instructor shine through as you learn and develop your skills.

Play the Harp Beautifully DVD

Play the Harp Beautifully - The DVD
This self-teaching guide follows Pamela's books, Play the Harp Beautifully Level 1 & Level 2. With close-ups, on-screen page numbers, and all the demonstrations and tips you'll need, learning to play the harp has never been easier! There has never been a harp video like this - progressing slowly, one step at a time, so that you master each aspect of playing the harp. You don't just learn to play a few tunes - you learn the harp skills that will have you enjoying the harp for years! The video contains almost 4 hours of lessons, all for what you might pay for a single lesson with a live teacher. And you can watch it over and over again!
Note: you must have the 'Play the Harp Beautifully' books in order to use the DVD!
Price: $47.00

Play the Harp Beautifully Play the Harp Beautifully - A Self-Teaching Book, Level 1
By Pamela Bruner
If you've ever wanted to play the harp, this book is for you! Play the Harp Beautifully gives you step-by-step instructions on technique, teaching you all the basics of harp playing. It contains 86 pages of photos, diagrams, and explanations on everything from tuning to practicing. This book will even teach you to read music, if you don't already know how!
Price: $25.00

Play the Harp Beautifully Level 2 Play the Harp Beautifully - A Self-Teaching Book, Level 2
By Pamela Bruner
This book continues the 'self-teaching with ease' program begun in Level 1. You'll learn how to play intervals, rolled chords, left-hand patterns, the art and science of fingering and brackets, glissandos, harmonics, and more! If you've begun the harp, and are ready to move to the next level of accomplishment with confidence, this collection of music, photos, and explanations is perfect for you. Songs include The Ash Grove, Danny Boy, Scarborough Fair, Greensleeves, The Water is Wide, Morning Has Broken, and more! 96 pages.
Price: $25.00

Play the Harp Beautifully Performance Gems Play the Harp Beautifully - Performance Gems, Levels 1 & 2
This book is designed as a companion book to "Play the Harp Beautifully Level 1 and Level 2. Each piece has two page numbers listed after it in the table of contents, designated "skills" and "notes." The pieces are designed to follow along the method books and give you interesting repertoire to play as you progress. Each piece has specific instructions to assist you in becoming adept at the harp in your technique and your phrasing. The titles of these repertoire pieces are: Asian Garden, Give And Take, Splendid Sixths, Floating, Aura Lee, Waterfalls, The Third Waltz, Amazing Grace, Ocean Waves, Going Home, Down In The Valley, Auld Lang Syne, The Spiral Staircase, Ode To Joy, Rays Of Sunlight, And Wild Mountain Thyme. The book comes with a link to download MP3s of all 16 repertoire pieces as performed by Pamela.
Price: $20.00

Play the Harp Beautifully Level 3 Play the Harp Beautifully - A Self-Teaching Book, Level 3
This 116-page book continues the comprehensive self-teaching system, with instruction on dressing up music, and understanding the language of music. This includes easy-to-understand music theory explanations, supporting the beautiful pieces that you've come to expect in the 'Play the Harp Beautifully Series. Learn how to create introductions and interludes to pieces, how to enhance both the right and left hand of any piece of music, understand major and minor chords and keys, and play special effects on the harp. There is also a special chapter by Pamela, who is a personal life coach, on confidence in your harp playing! Songs include One Morning in Springtime, Come by the Hills, The Grenadier and the Lady, Star of the County Down, Pachelbel's Canon in D, and more!
Price: $30.00

Performance Plus! Performance Plus!
This collection of three more challenging pieces are all Pamela Bruner's original compositions - 'Mist and Moonlight', 'Rorschach in D Minor' , and 'Rosita's Song'. Suitable for intermediate to advanced players, these pieces are excellent for performances and recitals, and include tips on effective playing.
Price: $9.00

Harp Accompaniment for Vocals Harp Accompaniment for Vocals
By Pamela Bruner
If you already play the harp and want to explore the exciting world of harp and voice, this book is for you! In this easy-to-follow guide, Pamela explains how to create beautiful arrangements to accompany voice or a melody instrument. 64 pages of examples and exercises.
Price: $18.00

Midsummer Meadow Midsummer Meadow: Relaxing Original Music
By Pamela Bruner
Arranged for harp or piano, this book includes all the beautiful original songs from Pamela's Midsummer Meadow album. Each song has three arrangements: easy (for lap harp), early intermediate (for small harp), and advanced (for 36-string harp, from the CD). No matter your level, you can play along now!
Price: $20.00

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More on Play the Harp Beautifully - A Self-Teaching Book, Level 1:
The harp world has long awaited a book like this! Teachers can supplement existing learning books, or students can use this to teach themselves! Valuable explanations on string location, electronic tuner usage, hand position, and much more. Hand position pictures in this book are valuable and helpful, leaving no question on how to hold your hands at the harp. Notes are large, easy-to-read, and Ms. Bruner moves slowly enough to grasp the necessary concepts needed for good technique and tone. Anyone using this book will have a firm concept about theory, fingering and brackets, and come to the harp with confidence. Also gives a solid explanation of placing, which is essential to playing lyrically and with good phrasing. This is clearly one of the finest methods books available for harp.

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