"A Celtic music fan's dream come true!"
Pamela Bruner, Celtic Harp & Voice Collage of Pamela Bruner
"harper, singer, songwriter, enchantress"

Pamela's CDs

Pamela Bruner Pamela Bruner's music is rich, inspiring, and soothing. An award-winning master of the Celtic harp, her repertoire includes traditional Irish and Scottish songs, her lovely original melodies, her original inspiring song lyrics, and popular and classical works. Talented guest musicians add to the richness with the cello, woodwinds, violin, and hammered dulcimer.

Pamela's fans say it best:

  • "Hauntingly beautiful."
  • "It's seriously good music to soothe the spirit."
  • "If you are a Celtic music enthusiast, your collection cannot afford to be without her CDs."

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Harp & Voice Recordings

Love and Blessings Love and Blessings new!
Sing along with Pamela's uplifting original songs of peace, joy, and love. It's the easiest way to use positive thinking and the Law of Attraction to bring happiness and abundance into your life. Includes Love and Blessings, Because I Dream, I Release My Burdens, and Sing Like No One's Listening. more info »
Price: $15.00

Wind Beneath My Wings Wind Beneath My Wings
Enjoy some of the most popular love songs of our time blending Pamela's harp, lovely voice, cello and woodwinds. Includes My Heart Will Go On, Annie's Song, The Rose, and Somewhere in Time. more info »
Price: $15.00

Irish Journeys Irish Journeys
This enhanced CD, with a slideshow of Ireland, features rollicking songs, jigs, and reels, with Pamela's voice and harp, as well as fiddle and pennywhistle. An Irish lover's dream come true! more info »
Price: $15.00

An Abundance of Time An Abundance of Time
Songs of inspiration and joy, comfort and healing. This wonderful collection of Pamela's original work, arranged for harp, voice, cello, and winds, will enrich your day and leave you feeling great about yourself and the world. Includes Pamela's moving September 11 song "Who I Choose to Be." more info »
Price: $15.00

Some Enchanted Evening Some Enchanted Evening
A classic collection of tunes from Broadway musicals and the silver screen, featuring Pamela's stunning Celtic harp and voice, complemented by cello and woodwinds. Enjoy the sounds of songs remembered from the great musicals of our time! more info »
Price: $15.00

A Wild Rose-Celtic Songs of Love A Wild Rose - Celtic Songs of Love
A beautiful collection of favorite Celtic love songs arranged for harp, voice, cello, and woodwinds. Lyrical notes of harp and voice stir your emotions while timeless lyrics transport you to the land of the Celts. These haunting melodies will linger in your soul. more info »
Price: $15.00

Twilight's Embrace - Celtic Lullabies Twilight's Embrace - Celtic Lullabies
Pamela's gentle harp and voice, accompanied by a soothing cello, bring you favorite Celtic lullabies and delightful, whimsical tunes. Designed to be restful for children and enjoyed by children of all ages! more info »
Price: $15.00

Till We Meet Again - Songs of Celtic Women Till We Meet Again - Songs of Celtic Women
Pamela combines her rich harp and voice with cello and woodwinds in a lovely collection of traditional Celtic songs of love, longing, and hope, all sung from a woman's point of view. As one fan notes: "The songs weave a melancholy spell as Pamela sings of imprisoned queens, stormy seas, highland hills, and women pining for their lovers ... unabashedly beautiful." more info »
Price: $15.00

Guided Meditations

Nature's Pathways Nature's Pathways
This 2-CD set features one CD of guided meditations, backed by soothing harp music, to uplift your soul and enrich your day. The other CD is just the harp music - over an hour of continuous, relaxing harp music. An incredible value at $15! more info »
Price: $15.00

Instrumental Harp Recordings

Circle of the Soul Circle of the Soul new!
Relax to the gentle sounds of the Celtic harp and flute. This improvised, free-flowing continuous music takes you on a soul journey, and is perfect for massage, meditation, and enhancing relaxation and creativity. more info »
Price: $15.00

Here Be Dragons Here Be Dragons
Legend has it that on old sailing maps, when a territory was uncharted, the map would read 'Here Be Dragons!' This exciting improvisational album combines Pamela Bruner's sparkling Celtic harp music, powerful world drum rhythms, and the passionate talents of multi-instrumentalist Aryeh Frankfurter on violin, viola and more. Allow yourself to be swept away! more info »
Price: $15.00

Midsummer Meadow Midsummer Meadow
Pamela composed this entire, quiet collection of instrumental music for Celtic harp, cello, and woodwinds. It is designed for relaxation, meditation, or massage. A great way to unwind and invite in peace and serenity. more info »
Price: $15.00

The Gentle Maiden The Gentle Maiden
Relax to the quiet sounds of the Celtic harp, cello, and woodwinds. This album will transport you to a place of peace and tranquility. It's perfect for background music, massage, or simply relaxing in the evening. more info »
Price: $15.00

Classical Reverie Classical Reverie
A collection of some of the greatest classical music of all time, arranged beautifully for solo harp. Let the music of the masters sooth and delight you. more info »
Price: $15.00

Sweet Spirit Sweet Spirit
Pamela plays some of the best-loved sacred classical music interspersed with lovely Celtic hymns. Enjoy the masterful solo harp renditions of your favorite sacred music! more info »
Price: $15.00

Mist & Moonlight Mist & Moonlight
An ethereal collection of lovely, little-known Celtic tunes as well as a few familiar favorites. Relax as you "travel" to the land of the Celts - misty mornings, emerald-green meadows, and lush moors. Great for winding down with the soothing sounds of the harp. more info »
Price: $15.00

Music in the Glen Music in the Glen
This lively collection of traditional Celtic tunes features Pamela's stellar harp performance, combined with hammered dulcimer and recorder. The perfect complement for morning brunch or a quiet afternoon. As one fan notes: "This CD is a real charmer, light and lilting, with a delicate good cheer ... conjuring images of misty glens and romantic vales." more info »
Price: $15.00

Christmas Recordings

A Midnight Clear A Midnight Clear
Sparkling arrangements of your favorite Christmas melodies for solo Celtic harp. A perfect album to highlight your Christmas party or Christmas dinner. more info »
Price: $15.00

On Christmas Morn On Christmas Morn
This collection of unusual seasonal music features Pamela's lovely harp and voice, arranged with English horn, oboe, violin, cello, and bassoon for a rich, moving tribute to the Christmas season. Pamela sings many of these songs in their original languages. more info »
Price: $15.00

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bullet Testimonials

"After listening to Pamela Bruner's CDs, it dawned on me that I was listening to a serious talent. Do not miss the CDs with her vocals. This woman has the voice of an angel."
Scott Huntley
Olympia, Washington

"This CD is a real charmer, light and lilting, with a delicate good cheer that never fails to raise my spirits. All the songs are instrumentals, and they transport the listener to the land of the Celts, conjuring images of misty glens and romantic vales. I can't imagine ever tiring of it. It's the perfect soundscape for daydreams. It's seriously good music to soothe the spirit."
A music fan
Newport News, Virginia
(Music in the Glen CD)

"Hauntingly beautiful. I am simply enchanted! Pamela Bruner's simple, graceful vocals float over sophisticated arrangements of oboe, cello, English horn, and, of course, the Celtic harp. The songs weave a melancholy spell as Bruner sings of imprisoned queens, stormy seas, highland hills, and women pining for their lovers. This CD has been a real find, and I highly recommend it to anyone longing for music that is unabashedly beautiful."
A music fan
Burlingame, California
(Till We Meet Again CD)

"A Celtic music fan's dream come true. A beautifully constructed disc ... solid musicianship and great songs."
Jeff Brown
Kansas City Pitch Weekly

"This recording (On Christmas Morn) firmly establishes Pamela Bruner's place as a harper capable of nothing less than magic. If you only get one Christmas album, this should be it."
Mark Feil
International Folk Harp Journal

"A solid piece of work, one of the better harp albums I have heard. Her singing voice, clear and sweet, adds a final touch to an elaborately woven tapestry."
Michele Ashmore
International Folk Harp Journal

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