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Pamela's CDs: Wind Beneath My Wings

Wind Beneath My Wings Enjoy some of the most popular love songs of our time blending Pamela's harp, lovely voice, cello and woodwinds. Includes My Heart Will Go On, Annie's Song, The Rose, and Somewhere in Time.


1. My Heart Will Go On Listen!
2. Annie's Song
3. Somewhere Out There
4. Tara Theme
5. Through the Eyes of Love
6. Can't Help Falling in Love
7. I Love Who I Am When I'm With You
8. Wind Beneath My Wings
9. Unchained Melody
10. The Rose
11. My Cup Runneth Over
12. The Wedding Song
13. Somewhere in Time

Total Running Time: 57:15

Price: $15.00

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"After listening to Pamela Bruner's CDs, it dawned on me that I was listening to a serious talent. Do not miss the CDs with her vocals. This woman has the voice of an angel."
Scott Huntley
Olympia, Washington

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