"A Celtic music fan's dream come true!"
Pamela Bruner, Celtic Harp & Voice Collage of Pamela Bruner
"harper, singer, songwriter, enchantress"

Pamela's CDs: Twilight's Embrace - Celtic Lullabies

Twilight's Embrace - Celtic Lullabies Pamela's gentle harp and voice, accompanied by a soothing cello, bring you favorite Celtic lullabies and delightful, whimsical tunes. Designed to be restful for children and enjoyed by children of all ages!


1. Bally Loo Lammy Listen!
2. All Through the Night
3. Castle of Dromore
4. Alexander's Waltz
5. Suo Gan
6. My Lady's Chamber
7. Garten Mother's Lullaby
8. Dragon Dreams
9. Lullaby for Kristen
10. Carrickfergus/Down by the Salley Gardens
11. The White Dove
12. Now the Day is Over
13. Dream Angus
14. Waltzing with Bears

Total Running Time: 52:34 min

Price: $15.00

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bullet Testimonial

"After listening to Pamela Bruner's CDs, it dawned on me that I was listening to a serious talent. Do not miss the CDs with her vocals. This woman has the voice of an angel."
Scott Huntley
Olympia, Washington

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