"A Celtic music fan's dream come true!"
Pamela Bruner, Celtic Harp & Voice Collage of Pamela Bruner
"harper, singer, songwriter, enchantress"

Pamela's CDs: Music in the Glen

Music in the Glen This lively collection of traditional Celtic tunes features Pamela's stellar harp performance, combined with hammered dulcimer and recorder. The perfect complement for morning brunch or a quiet afternoon. As one fan notes: "This CD is a real charmer, light and lilting, with a delicate good cheer ... conjuring images of misty glens and romantic vales."


1. Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Merrily Danced the Quaker Listen!
2. Fairy Dance/Rakes of Mallow
3. Maid at the Spinning Wheel
4. Shebeg Sheemore
5. Road to Lisdoonvarna/Drowsy Maggie
6. Carolan's Draught/Morpath's Rant
7. The Ash Grove
8. Miss Brown's Fancy/Smash the Windows
9. Moving Cloud
10. Southwind/Hammond's Bridge
11. John O'Connor/Fanny Po'er
12. Rosita's Song
13. Tobin's Favorite/Music in the Glen

Total running time: 52:06

Price: $15.00

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bullet Testimonial

"This CD is a real charmer, light and lilting, with a delicate good cheer that never fails to raise my spirits. All the songs are instrumentals, and they transport the listener to the land of the Celts, conjuring images of misty glens and romantic vales. I can't imagine ever tiring of it. It's the perfect soundscape for daydreams. It's seriously good music to soothe the spirit."
A music fan
Newport News, Virginia
(Music in the Glen CD)

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