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Pamela's CDs: Circle of the Soul

Circle of the Soul This album was created as a soul journey. Each melody was written to reflect a phase of life, beginning In Spirit, where all is consonant, and there are no discordant notes. The Becoming tells of coming into physical form, followed by the innocence of In a Child�s Way. I Can Do It is the proclamation of children as they continue to grow, and Today is Forever reflects the immortal feeling of the teens and twenties. At some point, a Dark Night occurs, which is the opportunity for learning and growth. If we allow ourselves to see the possibilities, we Wonder and Amaze, then Hope Springs. Finally, if we Surrender, we achieve Clarity of Vision, and then return to Spirit.

Although the motifs for each piece were composed, these arrangements are all improvised - just like life! It is my hope that this album brings you peace and joy.


1. In Spirit Listen!
2. The Becoming
3. In a Child's Way
4. I Can Do It
5. Today is Forever
6. Dark Night
7. Wonder and Amaze
8. Hope Springs
9. The Surrender
10. Clarity of Vision
11. In Spirit (reprise)

Total Running Time: 62:25

Price: $15.00

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"After listening to Pamela Bruner's CDs, it dawned on me that I was listening to a serious talent. Do not miss the CDs with her vocals. This woman has the voice of an angel."
Scott Huntley
Olympia, Washington

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