"A Celtic music fan's dream come true!"
Pamela Bruner, Celtic Harp & Voice Collage of Pamela Bruner
"harper, singer, songwriter, enchantress"

About Pamela

Pamela Bruner Classically trained on piano and cello, Pamela Bruner later found the Celtic harp a perfect accompaniment to her singing voice, and it quickly became the focus of her creative life. Pamela is known around the country for her dynamic harp & voice performances, powerful workshops, and gentle, encouraging teaching. She is also a professional life coach, working with people in all walks of life to empower them in living life joyfully. Her workshop 'Creating Music with Love, not Fear' has been called 'life-changing'. Pamela also writes and arranges music, and has released over a dozen CDs and books, including the acclaimed 'Play the Harp Beautifully', a self-teaching package on book and DVD.


  • Created 'Play the Harp Beautifully', a self-teaching harp package of books and DVDs.
  • Has released 17 albums for harp, and several books.
  • Featured performer and in-demand workshop presenter at both national and international folk harp conferences
  • Guest performer with the Grammy Award-winning Irish band, The Chieftains
  • Regularly performs throughout the United States
  • Performed at the Colorado Renaissance Faire
  • Performed for 7 years at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival
  • Renowned in the musical community as an accomplished harpist; superb lyricist; and warm, humorous, clear, and practical instructor
  • Classically trained on cello and piano
  • Studied music theory and composition at the University of Kansas
  • Business coach, CEO and Founder of Attract Clients Online, and is committed to serving in the world as a business and marketing coach for coaches, healers, consultants and experts.
  • Certified Firewalk Instructor
  • Reiki Master
  • EFT-ADV (EFT Practitioner, an energetic healing modality)

From Pamela:
Sharing my beliefs: joy, passion, and abundance

As I stepped on stage - about to perform in front of a large audience of fellow musicians at an international conference - the emcee announced there was a problem with the sound system. He asked me to improvise until it could be fixed, and he left. I stepped on stage with no plan. I played the harp, sang, and interacted with the audience. In those long, unscripted moments, I blossomed. I discovered that I enjoyed sharing my music and inspiring others.

After those life-changing moments, I developed my "Creating Music with Love, not Fear" workshop for the musical community. I witnessed powerful results and began to present this workshop to general audiences around the country.

I believe anyone has the power to do anything

Since I was a girl, believing in myself has been a cornerstone of my life and my success. As a child I was classically trained on cello and piano and, in my twenties, taught myself to play the harp as an accompaniment to my singing voice. (I have always loved to write lyrics and play music that inspire people and touch their hearts.)

My passion is helping people try something new. They discover, "I can do this!" And they realize the possibility and potential of their lives.

If these ideas uplift you, please visit my coaching website. I'd love to hear about your dream and hear you say, "I can do this!"

In addition to being a professional musician, I have been on a path of spiritual exploration since 1993. I have been influenced and inspired by many successful teachers, authors, and books along my path, including: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, the fiction of Charles De Lint, What the Bleep Do We Know!? (the book and movie), the Abraham-Hicks works, Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker, Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligmann, the magazine Spirituality and Health, and Five Steps to Freedom by John Waterhouse. Pamela Bruner Signature

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bullet "I believe that we have an abundance of time to do just what we're meant to do, build bridges, or castles, win our fiercest battles, and make one fine dream come true."
Pamela Bruner
From the title track of her album An Abundance of Time

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