"A Celtic music fan's dream come true!"
Pamela Bruner, Celtic Harp & Voice Collage of Pamela Bruner
"harper, singer, songwriter, enchantress"

Concerts + Workshops

Give your group the gift of inspiration

Few live performances resonate at such a deep level they linger in your memory for days. Here's what one concert-goer said:

"Pamela, I woke up this morning thinking about your performance. I was completely taken off guard by the vitality, wit, and poetry of your music. My expectation of the harp, based on old memories, was of a sedate instrument - all trills, few thrills. Was I ever wrong! I want you to know how completely successful you were in creating an inspiring night. Thanks for the experience."

Pamela Bruner Whether you love the haunting music of the Celtic lands, the comfortable familiarity of popular and classical music, or inspiring songs of courage and greatness, you will enjoy Pamela's performance. With her rich vocals, the soothing tones of her Celtic harp, and her deep connectivity with audience, everyone will come away inspired.

Email Pamela to book a performance.
Book Pamela for a concert and don't miss the opportunity to schedule a workshop for your musical group, club, chapter, or organization. In her workshops, Pamela:

  • offers a fresh, unique perspective on creating and performing music
  • provides practical, clear advice from her real-world experience
  • instructs gently, effectively, and with humor
  • offers jam-packed sessions brimming with relevant information, immediate benefits, and take-home action plans

Workshops for all Musicians

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Creating Music with Love, not Fear

Is your experience of your music as joyous as it could be? How do you break through, so your music is beautiful and enjoyable for you and your listeners? Whether you're learning your first song or preparing your next major concert, learn how to "get out of your own way." Transform your relationship to your music in this powerful workshop, so the music can shine and you-and your listeners-can revel in the beautiful music you create! Open to all musicians, any level, no instrument required.

How to Teach Music Gently and Effectively

Whether you're just starting to teach or looking for some ideas to increase your effectiveness with students, this workshop is for you. We'll discuss motivation and communication techniques and understanding your students' styles, so you can make each relationship rewarding. Good for all music teachers.

What Do I Do on Stage When I'm not Playing?

This workshop is for harpists who wish to develop a comfortable stage presence and persona. We'll explore who you want to be on stage, how to express that, how to communicate effectively with your audience between tunes, and techniques for putting yourself and your audience at ease. For musicians who perform or would like to perform, no instrument required.

How to Make a Great CD (Even if it's Your First!)

We'll discuss each step, from song selection to recording to cover art. Learn how to communicate with an engineer to get the sound you want and how to get the most from your studio experience. Learn tips from a seasoned professional with recording experience on over a dozen albums! No instrument required.

Composing-Playing the Music of Your Heart

Have you always wanted to write music, but weren't sure where to begin? Or have you written pieces, but you don't know how to complete and polish them? This workshop is for you! We'll discuss how to create a memorable melody, how to harmonize it, and what transforms a composition into a beautiful piece of music. Participants are invited to bring a short composition for the class to hear and analyze. All levels, instruments suggested but not required.

Workshops for Harpists

Email Pamela to schedule workshops.

Fingering and Brackets Made Easy!

Confused about which finger to use? Do you wish all the fingering and brackets were marked in your music? Your worries are over! We'll go over simple guidelines that make it easy to figure out the best fingering for any passage, how to group notes for ease of playing, and more, so you can approach all your new music with confidence. Lots of examples and hands-on. Harp recommended.

Loving Levers

Have you avoided music with lever flips because you weren't confident about the levers? Fear no more! We'll explore how to make lever flipping an easy, accessible part of your harp experience, including double lever flips, lever slides, and right-hand flips. Levers were never so fun and easy! For advanced beginner and beyond, bring a harp.

Accompaniment for Vocals (For Harps or Other Melody Instruments)

Explore new, easy-to-master techniques for accompanying voice or any other melody instrument. Learn simple patterns that sound complex and how to put your hands on "automatic," so you can concentrate on your voice. You'll also get access to more advanced ideas, so you can work on your own. Harp accompaniment was never this fun and easy! From beginner to advanced, bring your harp.

Making the Music Flow

Would you like to know how to continue playing, even if you get lost in a piece? Or how to improvise if you need more music than you planned for? Learn the language and theory of music, and this understanding will give you the ability to always have notes flow from your fingers. For intermediate to advanced, bring a harp.

Fun for Beginners

Hands-on experiments and fun to turn on your harping experience! Learn the basic building blocks of music, so you can simplify music that may be beyond your current skill level. You'll enjoy a new facility with playing that comes from understanding the language of music. No music reading necessary. For beginners, bring a harp.

Workshop Details

  • Workshops can be structured to meet the needs of your group. Typically, workshops are 2 to 3 hours long and are most effective with 10 to 30 people. Generally, Pamela conducts a workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon and caps with day with an evening concert. Contact Pamela to schedule workshop and concert events.
  • Hint: Open the evening concert to the public and charge admission (or gather donations) to offset the workshop cost.
  • You are responsible for securing the workshop location. (Ideas include a participant's home, church meeting room, business meeting room, etc.)
  • Certain locations may incur travel expenses; please contact Pamela for details.
  • If you're interested in bringing your group to the beautiful North Carolina mountains, contact Pamela to discuss dates and venues.
  • As with the workshops, you are responsible for securing the venue for the evening concert and inviting your friends, family, and colleagues to this event.

Inspire your group! Call Pamela at (800) 969-4277 to book a workshop and concert.

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bullet Testimonial

"Working with you was a life-changing experience. I will never forget it, and I am forever grateful."
M.R., business owner/musician

"Pamela's 'Creating Music with Love, not Fear' workshop has empowered me to hasten becoming the harpist I am meant to be. She delivers humor, gusto, and invincibility to her crowd of plucky and fortunate students."
A.I., musician

"I attended Pamela's 'Creating Music with Love, not Fear' workshop. While working with even the shyest performers, Pamela adapts her questions and comments with tender-loving care to their readiness. Performers grow a level of connection that deeply surprises them."
David K. Dirlam, Ph.D.
Cultural psychologist and musician

"Pamela has a wonderful, direct, sensitive rapport with people, and she helped me work through inhibiting blocks. Things in my life just started to flow again. Positive thoughts overcame the 'shoulds, woulds, and could haves.' I felt an abundance of energy to meet my life's demands, rethink my priorities, and recreate my dreams."
K.K., massage therapist/musician

"Pamela's 'Creating Music with Love, not Fear' seminar meant so much to me. I went back to the hotel and felt inspired to write my two kids about how much I love them!"
A.G., musician
North Carolina

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