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Pamela BrunerSomething magical happens when you hear Pamela Bruner's music. Listeners deeply connect with her inspiring lyrics and the lilting notes of her harp. An award-winning harpist and vocalist, Pamela performs across the country, winning fans with her expressive vocals; mastery of the Celtic harp; and warm, genuine style.

A life-long musician, Pamela was drawn to the Celtic harp nearly two decades ago and found her true love. As a singer/songwriter, she creates magic and brings a fresh perspective to music with her enchanting Celtic harp.

If you've heard Pamela's music - or had the opportunity to see her perform - you're in for a treat. Take a moment, grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax, and enjoy this website. Peruse Pamela's recordings and listen to her sample recording for each CD.

Be sure to check out Pamela's other offerings:

  • Concerts and performances - A nationally recognized musician, Pamela has a genuine warmth and vitality on stage and connects at a deep level with her audiences. Your group can book a performance. It's easy. Learn more at the Booking Concerts & Workshops page.
  • Workshops - Pamela is a superb teacher. Her warm, engaging manner and her innovative approaches can help you learn how to create a great CD, improve your songwriting and composing skills, discover how to make your music flow, and more.
  • Harp Books - An award-winning, accomplished harpist and vocalist, Pamela shares her arrangements, tips, and insights to mastering the harp. Comments on her newly published book include, "This is clearly one of the finest method books available for harp."

Enjoy Pamela's inspiring Celtic harp and voice!

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bullet Testimonial

"If you are a serious, or even casual, Celtic music enthusiast, your collection cannot afford to be without her CDs. Ms. Bruner is an exceptionally gifted recording artist, and I recommend you give some attention to her work."

Scott Huntley
Olympia, Washington

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